It's Good to ‏‏‎be Made

Minimal grooming, maximum results.

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Hair body-beard
Put that $h# everywhere

Leave in conditioner for hair, body & more. Simple, Sustainable & REFILLABLE.

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5-Bars in One. Hair, Body, Shave. Look great, less plastic & packaging, more performance.

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Get made™

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

We support our local communities, invest in our customers by sourcing high quality products, and fight for Men's Health Awareness.

The Made man is a courteous man

The Made man is a courteous man and makes sure it's safe for others! if you're gonna drop a deuce, you better spray twice. Take care of business in the bathroom. Turn a hazardous wastezone into a bright citrus splash.

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It’s good to be made™

what they are saying about loving to be made.

Citrus that doesn't turn to s#itrus

The Deuce is a great product! Much better than the cover up spray I used to have that just smelled like an apple pie took a great!


Best soap ever MADE!

I never thought I would find myself reviewing soap but this product deserves it! It smells great, leaves you feeling clean and I can use it to shampoo and to shave!

Monique, USA

Excellent product!

Best razor I have every used! The weight feels great in my hand and the blade's shave is super close and comfortable.

David R., Santa Monica