World Famous 'Made' Razor
For the closest comfortable shave, 6 blades with a single back edger blade. This blade is muy succesful. Muy sexy. A weighty handle delivers the ultimate compliment to the man that understands. And the shave is so buttery, it feels...
The Deuce
SETTLING IN FOR A LONG TIME? Busting a growler doesn’t need to reek of embarrassment. THE DEUCE men's toilet deodorizer leverages a more potent smell-blocking formula than those girly bathroom sprays...without the floral overload MASCULINE SCENT – NOT FAKEY OR OVERPOWERING:...
Made Brush
Shave in luxury with the finest, synthetic silvertip badger. No badgers harmed. This is the latest in bio-synthetic silvertip bucky badger reproduction. Soft, durable, and doesn't harbor any bacteria.
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