From the OG's

Barry Shaich - Erik Taylor

As a veterans of the beauty industry, we wanted to help support our community labeled as NON-ESENTIAL. Our Community is a diverse one, celebrating and supporting that is how we live our lives. We set an example with simplistic& minimalistic packaging, less plastic, reusable, VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE high performance products. Personally, we are getting up their in years but as OG's we have relevant messages about elevating as Men. We BELIEVE masculinity is not toxic by definition, but we can all get better.... pay attention young bulls..... there's more to come.

It's Good to be Made

Looking good and making a difference

We have been in the business for a long time. We felt it is time to ELEVATE. We are improving our industry's product performance. Achieving simplicity by using safe and natural ingredients. We're aligned with barbers wants & needs.

Feeling Good- Simple Products that Perform

Multi-Use & Less Plastic

How We're Making A Difference: Multi-Use products such as the Meat and Potatoes Bar, Reducing your plastic body-wash and shampoo bottle waste. For example, our Secret Sauce utilizes reusable and refillable packaging, making it easily recyclable. It's important to own products you can feel good about with both your body and your environment thanking you!