The Beefy Bar


The original classics.

The Royal Pamplemousse - Old school spices and vanilla with a burst of grapefruit. 

The Rum Runner - Bay Rum smoke and Dirt. A little bit of a bad boy isn't such a bad thing.

The Breakaway Bar is the innovation you didn't know was possible with soap.

Shampoo Bars: Good idea for sure, but old news. We've jumped the concept up a level with an amazing formula that's great for body and hair and absolutely stellar for shaving. Shower, Shampoo, Shave. 3 uses, 1 bar. Simple, multipurpose, and minimizing of wasteful packaging.

Clean-break - No plastic

Clean break, Shampoo shower and shave! All in one big-ass bar. For looking good and feeling good, and it just feels good breaking stuff, so break off a bar of good and clean.

Made in the USA

Best Ingredients



Refillabel reusable packaging