Relax Power


The Gamma+ Relax Power is not only astonishingly quiet, with a soft 68 decibels to minimize acoustic stress and reduce the risk of deafness, but it also has impressively high-performance, airflow, pressure, and temperature. With no vibrations or electromagnetic pollution, this dryer sets the standard for eco-friendly salon products and cultivates a more comfortable work environment. Equipped with a silencer honeycomb screen and two concentrator nozzles, the Relax Power incorporates tourmalionic technology and a special super turbo fan for smoother, faster results. If you want a more relaxing drying experience, look no further.

  • Nano silver technology
  • High-performance airflow, pressure and temperature
  • Silencer honeycomb screen for noise reduction
  • Eco-friendly with no vibrations
  • 2 ultra-thin concentrator nozzles
  • Cool shot button
  • 9 ft. cord
  • 2-year warranty

Made in the USA

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